Fairy lights create a wonderful ambience everywhere

Fairy lights for the magical ambience

Fairy lights are a very simple and affordable way to create a wonderful ambience on the patio, inside a marquee, indoor, and more. With one or more fairy lights, you can change an ordinary setting into something almost magical. You can have many types of fairy lights. You can have fairy lights with clear LED light or multicoloured light – and plug-in or solar-powered – depending on how and when you want to use it. For some, a multicoloured fairy light can only be used at a party, others may feel that all the bright light and colours can make every day a little more festive. The fairy lights with white lights are perfect for the party, but will also light up the everyday.

Fairy lights with LED are easy to use and affordable

We offer a range of elegant fairy lights, which you simply plug in – forget about batteries and chargers. (You can also have fairy lights, which run on batteries if you prefer). However, with our new and elegant fairy lights – Lasse or Tobias – you have the option to prolong the fairy lights by adding a supplement set with more bulbs. With one Tobias start set, you can create a 45 m long light chain with 100 bulbs by adding 9 supplement sets on the same transformer! For Lasse, it is up to 30-40 bulbs on the same string. No matter, both types of fairy lights will create a wonderful look and feel almost anywhere. For the Tobias fairy lights, you get a 5 m connection cord for the start set, so you can place the fairy lights where you want.     

Fairy lights for the parasol

Fairy lights specially designed to place under a parasol will create a cosy and romantic feeling on the patio and more. Our fairy lights for parasols are made with a ring for the pole and 8 copper cords to be twisted around the spokes of the parasol. This fairy light is solar-powered, and you get a solar panel together with the fairy lights. Place the solar panel in full light, and it will charge within 2-6 hours, giving you as much as 8 hours of light when fully charged. Can change most parasols from a plain shelter against the sun into a spectacular ornament where you will love to spend an evening.

Fairy lights and many other kinds of decorative lighting

We offer a wide range of LED lighting, which will provide a fantastic ambience without using very much energy. The brilliance of LED is that even though it is energy-saving, you do not have to compromise on the quality of the light – neither the strength nor the ambience. Among the many LED products, we like to mention our fairy lights, cotton ball light strings, LED cubes, LED balls, floor lights, Christmas lights, rope lights, and much more.

Personal service and advice  

Do you have questions about any of our decorative fairy lights or any other kind of lighting in the shop, please give us a ring, e-mail us or use the chat? We would love to help you find and select the right light for your patio, marquee, home, and more. See all the fairy lights and more here: https://www.dancovershop.com/uk/products/fairy-lights.aspx