Camper Caravan Covers

Storage tents and storage shelters

Dancover may very well offer the largest selection of flexible storage tents and shelters on the market. We have an impressive amount of flexible and affordable storage solutions for our professional and private customers. Our extensive range of storage solutions covers storage shelters, portable garages, and boat shelters to mention just a few.  Our storage shelters and portable garages are flexible and have a sturdy cover of either PE or PVC and a strong frame in galvanised steel. In short, we offer you the perfect storage solution for your car, MC, boat,......

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carcovers and caravan covers

A very simple and affordable way to protect your car or caravan is with a car cover or a caravan cover, which will protect your vehicle from rain, snow, UV-rays, bird droppings and more. The covers are water-resistant, breathable for minimal condensation, and easy to put on and take off. Take good care of your car during the winter – and the rest of the year Dancover is the leading expert when it comes to storage and cover solutions – including your car, motorcycle and other vehicles. Imagine that your car, motorcycle......

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Folding garage for cars and motorcycles

Dancover offers you a wide range of products for taking good care of your car, motorcycle, caravan and other vehicles. The latest addition to our vast assortment is our innovative and practical folding garage for cars, motorcycles, and much more. Folding garage for efficient and elegant protection The new folding garages from Dancover are an elegant and efficient storage solution for your car or motorcycle. Use the innovative folding garage for both short-term storage and protection as well as long-term storage. Parking inside a folding garage, helps you keep your vehicle clean......

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