Boat shelters provide a sturdy storage solution

Dancover boat covers

We are proud to offer a wide range of strong and functional storage solutions for your boat and other large objects that you want to store and protect. Among several other sturdy solutions, we offer various boat shelters that will provide the perfect place to store your boat during winter or at other times. Choose between large and spacious shelters like our popular MultiGarage, PRO XL shelters and Titanium boat shelters. Our large boat shelters are specially designed and made to protect recreational boats for a shorter or longer period. One of the brilliant features with our boat shelters or boat tents is that you have room to do some work on the vessel while in storage. The large, strong, and spacious shelters can also be used for general storage or for keeping your motorhome, camper van or caravan safe and dry.

Boat shelters from Dancover are strong and durable 

Take our sturdy and durable boat shelters, like our MultiGarage, PRO XL shelter or Titanium boat shelter, and place it where you want your boat to be – in the garden, back yard or at the harbour.  The shelters have a galvanised steel frame with heavy bolts and nuts, and the Titanium offers a unique, easy click assembly system. We offer boat shelters with either a PE cover or a PVC cover that will give you a durable, spacious structure with a large gate or door. The construction of the gate allows you to close the shelter completely and open up more or less the entire end wall when you want to work on the boat and more.

Boat tarpaulins – the sturdy and flexible solution

If you prefer a more affordable solution, we offer a wide selection of different kinds of boat tarpaulins, which can protect your boat and more. Dancover offers a huge assortment of high-quality tarpaulins in many different qualities depending on your need. Do you want to cover your boat, caravan or motorhome? Our sturdy tarpaulins will protect your boat and more from rain, dust, bird droppings and snow. We even offer extremely sturdy translucent boat tarpaulins that make it possible for you to work on the boat while it is covered and protected by the tarpaulin. You can also select a fire-retardant boat tarpaulin for extra security.

Boat frames and boat stands

When using a boat tarpaulin to cover your boat, we recommend that you buy an A-frame or a deck frame, which will hold the tarpaulin, so you have easy access to the boat at all times. With a boat frame, you secure ventilation and perfect cover at the same time while the boat is in storage. You can see more about boat shelters, boat tarpaulins, and boat frames right here: