Beautiful wooden greenhouses in durable Nordic spruce

Wooden greenhouse in durable Nordic spruce

Are you looking for a unique and beautiful greenhouse? Our wooden greenhouses in strong and durable pressure-treated Nordic spruce could be just the greenhouse you are looking for. The sturdy and elegant wooden greenhouse will look wonderful almost anywhere. Use the inviting structure as a greenhouse and fill it with lush, green plants – or maybe you want to make room for some furniture and use it as a garden gazebo. The wooden greenhouse has large window panes, providing a great inflow of light, so your plants can thrive and grow. Do you want to use the greenhouse as a garden gazebo? Then you can look forward to the amazing 360° outlook. Depending on which plants you prefer, you can have plants inside as well as outside in the garden, making the interior and exterior come together in the most beautiful way. No matter how you do it, the beautiful wooden greenhouse or garden gazebo will blend in elegantly and help you extend the garden season for several weeks and even months.  

A beautiful place for relaxation  

You can use the beautiful wooden greenhouse or garden gazebo as a wonderful place to relax, read or do creative pursuits like writing or painting. The room will also be perfect for small social events. The obvious use is, of course, to grow lots of delicious fruit, vegetables and beautiful flowers. Place some raised garden beds or planter boxes inside the wooden greenhouse, together with one or two comfortable chairs. Then you can have lots of lush plants as well as room for contemplation and for enjoying the garden in all kinds of weather. The ventilation window at the top of the greenhouse helps you keep the right temperature and level of humidity inside the greenhouse. Please note that you can also have the wooden greenhouse with an integrated shed.  

A haven away from the stress of the world  

Peace and quiet have become a rare commodity these days, so having a wooden greenhouse or garden gazebo in pressure-treated Nordic spruce is a unique experience. Here you can go inside to enjoy some quality time, shutting out the sounds of the world for a little while. A greenhouse of any kind has always been a special place with a wonderful look, feel and smell. This elegant wooden greenhouse has taken this feeling up a notch, so you can enjoy your garden even more – from the early spring and long into the autumn. With a patio heater, you can extend the season even more. Having a wooden greenhouse is simply a great way to relax and recharge – even when the weather is not suitable for being outside. See all our elegant wooden greenhouses and garden gazebos here: