Carcoons & Bike Bubbles

CarCoons for the optimal protection of your vintage car or MC.

CarCoon car storage is a popular and efficient storage solution for your vintage car, classic car, or any other vehicle you want to take extra care of and protect against dust and moisture. We think that the CarCoon storage system is the best storage solution for cars ever invented. It has a unique active airflow process, which takes car care to a new and higher level. The ´active airflow´ system has a worldwide patent and consists of a blower unit providing a constant air circulation inside the CarCoon unit. Because the CarCoon is running continuously, it provides the perfect climate inside the CarCoon. Your car is safe 24/7/365. When you have a CarCoon for your vintage car, you can rest assured that your car is kept in mint condition. Do you also have a vintage or precious motorbike, we offer a similar efficient storage system for your MC – look for our CarCoon Bike Bubble in the shop.

CarCoon prevents dust and moisture around your car.

The CarCoon and the Bike Bubble protects your car or MC from condensation - the worst enemy of cars and other fine machinery. It does so by preventing dew point saturation inside the inflated cover. If you have a car or MC you want to protect, you know that humidity is bad when storing the vehicle. High humidity means lots of condensation each time the air temperature falls below the so-called dew point. Inside the CarCoon, the constant air circulation prevents condensation altogether. Furthermore, you can always open the built-in valve if the temperature is too high. This innovative storage system protects the vehicle from warm saturated air condensing. As mentioned, condensation is the real enemy of any vehicle in storage. Low temperatures - even with a high Relative Humidity (RH) reading - will keep the car or the MC nice and dry inside the CarCoon or Bike Bubble.

CarCoon and Bike Bubble for efficient and elegant storage.

The innovative CarCoon and the Bike Bubble are extremely easy to use. Place the base mat on the garage floor, park your car or MC on the mat, pull the top cover over the vehicle and fasten it to the base. It is easy to fasten the cover to the base with the special zip. Now, plug in the power supply and within five minutes, your car or MC is protected inside the bubble. The protected environment will take good care of the vehicle. Do you have questions about our CarCoons or Bike Bubbles? Please contact our Xperts at They can answer all your questions about these innovative and popular products for discerning car owners and more.