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D A N C O V E R   2,70 x 5,10 x 2,30

Our most popular shelter Low price and High quality..

Dimensions  (W x L x H) m. 2,70 x 5,10 x 2,30
Door size    (H x W) m. 1,85 x 2,00
Number of doors 2 one in each end
Frame diameter in mm. 32
Frame Protection Powder Coating heavy white
Weight in kgs. 110
Tarpaulin weight pr. m2. 300 gr.
Colour Availability Green or Grey
Tarpaulin :
UV resistant Polyethylene in 300 gr. quality pr. m2, the tarpaulin has a high tensile strength and has a wowen core wich makes it allmost impossible to tear it. If the tarpaulin is cut the Rip Stop will prevent the hole from getting bigger. The tarpaulin is a 3 layer with an outer coating to prevent dirt build up and make cleaning it very easy.
Frame Composition:
The frame is a locked construction to achieve maximum strength in all of the building, you have a heavy steel profile bottom frame with flat irons that go across to lock the frame into postion when finishing assembly.
Fixing to the ground :
The shelter is secured with heavy dirt anchors that have a pull out weight of 400 kgs. each and heavy stake pegs. But it can also be bolted on other surfaces as concrete or a wooden frame.
Price in and Euro excluding local tax and freight.

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